17 Male Character’s Deaths in Horror Movies (I Cried So Much Over)

I admit, I’m a sensitive person. I couldn’t count how many horror movies I watched which made me cry on the corner of my room the entire day (just because they killed my favorite character off). Here are some of them. They are arranged in no particular order, oh, and spoilers.

Curt ([pre-Thor] Chris Hemsworth) – Cabin in the Woods

The Cabin in the Woods is a satire of horror movies. It’s considered the “classic” in modern cinemas. The characters are stereotypes of those in slasher films, and you may expect Curt to be a typical dumb jock. Yes, he is a jock; but he isn’t dumb. In truth, he’s actually what I consider the smartest one in the film; the one who actually suggested their group stay together instead of splitting up. When he died, I was depressed. Really depressed.

Buster the Sherriff (Richard Farnsworth) – Misery & Detective Kranz (Andreas Leupold) – The Human Centipede

Just when I thought Paul Sheldon, the protagonist of the film, had chances of surviving cause of this dude, he just happens to get killed off as soon he enters the goddamn house. Fucking with my feelings was really effective though, since Misery’s one of the scariest horror films I’ve watched so far.

As with policeman guy in the Human Centipede, he gets killed off so quickly. I really thought he’d kill the evil doctor (He actually did, but the doctor killed him first..so..)

I put them under the same area since their reasons for being here are quite similar. I thought they were going to be heroes and save the fucking day, but no, they just contributed to the body count.

Uhh, such a waste of hair color and highlights.

Private Wayne Jessup (Samuel Witwer) – The Mist

He’s the inspiration behind this list. He didn’t deserve to die, really. I don’t know why I became emotional when the people killed him. (And no it’s not [only] cause he reminds me of Randy Orton.) Maybe it’s just cause I’m a conspiracy theorist, and the government people are just really dicks, so he got killed cause of their acts. Damn, I hate the government. And crazy religious people.

Stephen Grace (Jackson Rathborne) – Dread

I loved Stephen Grace, the main character of Dread. I’d understand if he was killed for a purpose, but nooo, he’s dead cause of a simple misunderstanding. I cried. I really did.

John (Peter Sarsgaard) – Orphan

Esther’s really really really really such a bitch. I wanted the family to live normally in the end, but no, the father just haaad to die.

Tommy Ross (William Katt) – Carrie

I have read both the novel and watched the movie, but here, I’m going to refer to the movie (Just cause I don’t remember how he died in the novel).

I wanted Tommy to live. I wanted him to just go unconscious or something. He didn’t hate Carrie, he actually had good intentions dammit.

Plus he was hit by a bucket.. and immediately died. What? Nice way to give this good guy some justice.

Trevor Sheldon (Nico Tortorella) – Scream 4

Okay, I wasn’t really THAT sad when he was murdered by his super psycho ex-girlfriend. Yes, he cheated on her. But no, I believe he really loves her. AND THE BITCH SHOT HIM IN THE FUCKING BALLS BEFORE SHE KILLED HIM. Tell me again, did he deserve it?

(Edit: 09/27/15 I don’t know, man. Cheating sucks. Maybe he deserved it? Maybe?)

Randy Meeks (Jamie Kennedy) – Scream 2

Everyone loves Randy; so when he was killed off in Scream 2, the world was disappointed. He died gruesomely too, so that didn’t really make this any easier for any of us.

Sergeant Doyle (Jeremy Renners) – 28 Weeks Later

I don’t know anyone who watched this movie and didn’t get sad when he died, sacrificing himself to save his companions. Doyle is really a hero (No, not because he’s also Hawkeye.)

Cotton Weary (Liev Schreiber) – Scream 3

Fans of the Scream trilogy (or series) know that Cotton Weary’s a self-centered asshole. But I liked him and I found him rather amusing to watch. Ghostface murdered him in the opening of Scream 3, which adds to my opinion that Scream 3 is the least favorite movie of the Scream series.

Bill Murray (as himself) – Zombieland

I’m not a fan of Bill Murray just as Tallahassee (pictured beside him) was, but his death was an accident, which makes me kinda sad.

Joe Lynch (Shawn Ashmore) – Frozen

Joe Lynch is one of my favorite movie characters of all-time. He was a great friend to Dan, and an amazing guy. I wish he could’ve been the one who survived, not whiny bitch Parker.

But seriously, Joe Lynch man, he was the best.

Chip Dove (Johnny Simmons) – Jennifer’s Body

Needy’s boyfriend, Chip, seems like a cool boyfriend. I just adore them so much, so obviously you can imagine all my feels when Jennifer ate parts of him. Boo Jennifer.

Hiroki Sugimura – Battle Royale

Having students in schools murder each other until only one remains as a result of totalitarian state government is enough to make me feel disgusted.

Sigimura’s death was really unfortunate. His love interest accidentally killed him. And what breaks my heart more, he died while professing his love for her. The pain, man. The pain.

Jeff Kohlver  (Patrick Wilson) – Hard Candy

Jeff is a pedophile who meets up with Haley (played by Ellen Page), a teenager he meets online. What happens next goes the other way around. Haley knows his secret and believes that he’s responsible for the murder of an acquaintance of hers. She won’t stop until hell’s unleashed and justice has been served.

Jeff’s on this list, cause obviously, he ends up dead. I have mixed feelings regarding his demise. A lot of people were like “He totally deserved it” or “Serves him right”.

I don’t beg to differ, nor do I feel indifferent. I don’t know; was it right to force himself into suicide because he may or may not be involved in a murder? My opinion would completely change if they made it 100% sure that Jeff IS really a pedophile slash murderer. Otherwise I’d stay doubtful.

(Edit: 09/27/15 But really though, if he really was a pedophile, then he deserved all of it — especially the castration.)

Adam (Leigh Whannell) – Saw

Adam was just a guy doing what he was told to do. He didn’t deserve to die like that. Fuck you Dr. Gordon.

Paxton (Jay Hernandez) – Hostel II

Hostel’s one of my favorite films, mainly because it reversed my expectations. Paxton survives and manages to brutally kill one of the guys responsible for the bad things that happened to him. The film ends. He was still alive. I didn’t need to hold my breath anymore.

Flash forward a few weeks after, and I decide to watch Hostel II. New beginnings, I thought. But wait, the first few minutes of the film actually revolves around Paxton after the incidents that occurred in the first film. This ends when his wife finds his decapitated corpse getting licked and eaten by a fucking cat. We still actually hear from Paxton during the climax of the film; actually no, just kidding, the main character just finds his dismantled head in a closet.

Martin (Vegar Hoel) – Dead Snow

Dead Snow is actually such a ruthless film that I didn’t expect any character to end up alive, cause c’mon guys, they’re battling NAZI ZOMBIES for God’s sake. I could say I had hope during the last five minutes though, thinking  Martin could be a “final girl” and have chances of survival. Then all my hope was crushed, broken into shreds and eaten by the same cat which fed upon Paxton’s remains.

(Edit: 09/27/15 HE’S ALIVE. THERE’S A DEAD SNOW SEQUEL [which I haven’t watched yet but I hope he lives!])


Agents Tom Hanson (Johnny Depp) and Doug Penhall (Peter DeLuise) – 21 Jump Street

Bonus because 21 Jump Street isn’t horror (But still one of the best films ever). They were the original characters man! Why kill them off? *sobs*


10 responses to “17 Male Character’s Deaths in Horror Movies (I Cried So Much Over)

  1. Gem haha, most of the male characters are hot
    ugh bless this post

  2. yeah lol ok ok i was biased with trevor but still =))))))))
    and damn chris hemsworth man omg
    i know my feels man my feels
    people should know more ’bout battle royale cause it’s awesome shit
    i love you man thank you ♥

  3. Woah I agree on the Scream 2, Scream 3, Scream 4, Saw and the Zombieland parts. And also Chip in Jennifer’s Body. Some I haven’t watched yet. I NEED TO. 😀

  4. Sadly, I didn’t know about the original 21 Jump Street TV series the first couple of times I watched the film. So, recently after watching a shit tone of the series, and then introducing the movie to a friend, a few things in the movie made sense! Why, oh why did they have to kill off Hanson and Penhall?! It makes me sad as I’m watching the fourth season and remembering they’re dead! D:

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