What Fil-Horror?


What Fil-Horror?

Is there such a thing as Fil-Horror (Filipino-Horror)? Yes, there is. As a Filipino myself, I can’t say they’re any good though.

Yeah, I said it.

It’s kind of ironic how predictable these horror films are. Most of the time, they feature ghosts/funny-looking-creatures/*insert Filipino mythical creature here*, star a couple (Probably Kris Aquino and a dude half her age. Eck-eck.), provide a “twist” during the denouement of the film, and usually end tragically. Oh and don’t forget the corny special effects which make it look like we’re in the time where the discovery of CGI was still new.

Don’t even get me started on this embarrassing excuse for a movie. No, just no. I mean, seriously. Just look at the cover. It’s probably about a green glowing house which throws up local celebrities, with a dude with lightning spewing out of his candlestick & a random woman with a head bigger than the actual house. Great movie, probably.

If the characters DO manage to be alive by the end of the film, then it probably is a movie that doesn’t take itself seriously. And it still is predictable even in that sense.

I admit, Filipino horror movies are my comfort movies. Whenever I get sad or anything, I watch them and automatically feel (slightly) better. Since I don’t want to get scared shitless by watching scary movies (C’mon, who wants to shit their pants while crying?), so I settle for cheesy flicks like these.

This doesn’t apply to everyone though. I remember entering the cinemas to watch one film of the Shake, Rattle and Roll series (I believe it was the 12th ) and ending up laughing so hard at the people seated in front of me, cause they were full out screaming their asses off. And that wasn’t even the ‘scary’ part of the film. (I have to give props to the Punerarya segment though for being quite decent)

I observe that there aren’t many Fil-horror flicks that are premiering nowadays. Every Metro-Manila film festival, the only horror movies I see are Shake, Rattle & Roll and some other low-budget film no one really gives a fuck about.

Are they losing hope?

Do I think they can still stand out and make “Fil-Horror” happen?

Yes. I can’t deny that Filipinos are good storyboard editors. They create original plots, which are under appreciated probably because we Filipinos got tired of them. But show them in other countries and they’d actually say the storylines are good.

There are decent Filipino horror movies out there too, you know, I think; Like Sigaw (2005), which had been adapted and remaked into “The Echo”, a film starring the guy from My Sassy Girl.


Yeah, this one.

Also, recently the new GMA movie “The Road” has been first Filipino film to be released commercially in mainstream U.S. cinemas, and I hear it’s pretty good. I’ll be watching it soon & I’ll tell you what I think.

So for now, I hope the Philippine film-making industry will churn out new ideas soon. We wouldn’t want to be the subject of ridicule of a Bob Ong book, wouldn’t we? Oops, oh wait, never mind.


9 responses to “What Fil-Horror?

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  2. Like what the fuck movies. Lots of inconsistencies. Disinteresting plot. Agree with you like more than a hundred percent. 🙂

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