Based On True Events…Mostly

Oooh, it’s by Sam Raimi. I hope it’s good. Someone watch this with me?


Ready for yet another movie based on true events? On August 31, 2012, director Ole Bornedal’s film The Possession premiers.  Stars include Natasha Calis, Jeffery Dean Morgan and Kyra Sedgwick.

Hey you ever notice that these scary movies always seem to begin with the word ‘the’?  I wonder if it’s a sign that the movie isn’t going to be all that scary.  Think about it.

Well, regardless of my intriguing insights, The Possession is sure to catch the eyes of audiences across the country.  Movies that deal with possessions are often said to be based on true events, which only increase the anticipation.  A normal scary movie may be scary, but a scary movie that is based on actual events is even scarier.

How much of the movie is based on true events is another story.

The story begins when a young girl buys an antique box from a garage…

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