Let the Right One In (2008) – Thomas Alfredson



Meatballs? Check. Neutrality in wartime? Check. One of the most truly badass, creative, and stirring vampire movies ever? Check. Sweden’s got it all. This Swedish vampire flick is a modern classic but it doesn’t even really feel like a horror movie. It’s more like Stand by Me but with more snow, and instead of leeches, it’s a 12-year old girl drinking your blood. That’s a bit misleading. Let me start over.

This movie is about Oscar, a middle school kid who’s tormented by bullies at school. A bizarre girl and her dad move in next door to Oscar and right away people start noticing weird things happening. Bodies start to pile up. Cats start acting weirder than usual. People are are getting suspicious of the new family. I’m not giving too much away to say that soon we find out that the girl is a vampire. Oscar, as a social outcast, and…

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