Magic Doesn’t Work on the Supernatural

Lol Alice Cullen and Draco Malfoy battling ghosts. Interesting.


Probably not the scariest looking movie of the year, but interesting is Todd Lincoln’s upcoming film, The Apparition.  It premieres August 24, 2012.  I figured I would throw the year in there, for those who didn’t pick up on the fact that I already stated the film comes out this year.  Anyways, the lead actors and actresses are Sebastian Stan, Ashley Greene, and of course, the dark wizard himself, Tom Felton.

I’m sure Felton wouldn’t appreciate such humor, but if this movie does well, then simple comments by the common folk won’t matter.

It’s a horror/thriller movie, and it looks a bit “trippy” if you know what I mean.  It’s not your average horror movie where someone is possessed or where there is clear killer.  It’s title should be a hint at what these characters will be facing.  Not demons, psychos or brutes but rather figments of their imagination.


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