Slender (game review)

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Slender is a horror game (when is say horror game I’m personally not scarred of it but it has given half a dozen people at least at my school and one of them was a teacher) published by the indie game developer ParsecProductions. You play a girl (my friends and I like to call her Wendy).  Once you get through the opening credits (or just skip them) she for some reason decided late at night to jump a chain link fence. You then have to TRY to find 8 notes that other kids have left in hope that if someone jumps the chain link fence would have the common scene to jump it. After i got the first note i tried and it wont let you, so you have to continue on and hopefully you wont turn round because Slender might be behind you or off in the distance. If you don’t listen to my words of warning and…

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