The Evil Dead (1980) – Sam Raimi



This is the Cult Classic that inspired 2 sequels 6 video games, a few dozen comic books and and upcoming remake (big surprise there). Enter the legendary (and my perennial write-in candidate for all presidential ballots) Bruce Campbell as Ash- the reluctant hero. He and a group of friends are visiting a remote cabin in the woods when they accidentally awaken some demonic spirits. The spirits begin to take over the bodies of the group and one-by-one they become zombified monsters. Not only is this movie thoroughly scary, funny, and soaked in gallons of zombie guts and blood, it helps you tackle the real-world issues:  “Is it socially acceptable to hack your friends into little pieces with a chainsaw if they’ve turned into zombies?” And “If you just chopped off your zombie girlfriend’s head with a shovel her body lands on you and starts humping you, do you let her finish?”

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