The Scream Queens of Film [index]

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There are so many lists out there featuring so-and-so’s favorite horror hotties and scream queens.  Most of these are meant to be little more than exploitative.  While yes, modern horror was born and, until the last decade with the advent of free pornography, thrived on the needs of teenagers to learn about female anatomy.  Even as budgets increase, CGI becomes inexpensive and respectable remakes abound, there is still a strong market for B-horror rich with gratuitous nudity and shock gore littered with gallons of bright red blood and rubber prosthetics.

I have begun my own page of scream queen appreciation.  Unlike when I was twelve, it’s not for the raunchiness any more.  But rather to celebrate seeing familiar faces in horror over the years.  I mean, come on.  No one ever said “Man, I wish they replaced Bruce Campbell with someone else for Evil Dead 2.”  In fact, despite…

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