Timing (A Short Story)

*Note: This short story is heavily influenced by The Mist (2007 film based on the Stephen King novel)


Once upon a time, there was a family composed of a young man, his wife, and their daughter.

During a starry night in the middle of November, the father readies himself to come home from work; He passes by a newspaper stand and stops to read the current news.

The headlines all revolved around dead bodies found that week in their town. Over fifty bodies were found; they have been mutilated, tortured and murdered gruesomely and the town chiefs suspect a mass murderer to be responsible for their deaths.

He gets distraught, and proceeds to go home. There he informs his wife and child about this and advices them to stay put and be careful.

The following weeks, the dead bodies found are at such a high rate that it seems as though already half of the residents in their neighborhood are already gone. It was a serious issue that cannot be unseen.

The family is struck with panic. They had stayed long enough hiding in their house. It was time to come out.

As they step out of the house, they had a clear view of the outside. Despite the sunny weather, it was an ugly sight. Multiple corpses are scattered on the street; one of which belongs to whom the father recognizes as his cousin. The daughter cries and panics; and they head to a nearby evacuation center, in where the other remaining townspeople are also residing.

However, their plan had no use. Their companions are murdered one by one. The family proceeds to hide inside a small room, thinking they are the only ones left alive, with the psychopath still inside the building. Inside the room, they find a small gun packed with two bullets.

After several hours locked inside; the father becomes insane because of the traumatic events happening. He realizes that it’s a dead end, and there is no way out.

He has a flashback of the dead cousin, his face so brutally tortured that his facial features are almost unclear. He doesn’t want his family to end up like this. He’d rather do it himself. Come to think of it, he’d rather die quickly in the hands of his family rather than die slowly by getting mutilated by a sadist.

“We’ll end up dead anyway”, he thinks. The man takes the gun, loads the bullets, and shoots his wife and kid. He was about to shoot himself when he remembers that there were only 2 bullets, and he had used all of them already.

So he had no choice but to face the grim danger awaiting him outside the room. He hears footsteps near the room, and goes outside, only to find out.. it was the police. They tell him that they had already arrested the criminal, and that he is no longer in danger.

The man, realizing he has just killed his daughter and wife for nothing, breaks down crying uncontrollably.


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