Glory Fades

Zombies always fascinate me; I mean besides kicking zombie ass, we have the thrill of shooting zombie ass and the excitement that comes with it. It’s always about the thrill and excitement. Except the part where your allies die one by one or one of them turns into a zombie and you have to kill them and the let’s not forget the part where you’re on your own with no chance to procreate. Zombies do what they do best, which is of course eating your meat.  This post is dedicated to zombie enthusiasts all over the um—school.


  • Night of the Living Dead

We’re talking about the 1990 version here, besides the 1968 one. The only difference is better technology and new actors. If you somehow find yourself in the middle of things (aka Zombie Apocalypse), always be sure to have a couple of rednecks by (you’ll soon be realizing…

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