American Horror Story: Season 2 Teasers (plus me and my rants sorry)



AHS is a one of a kind, really. It’s a breath of fresh air in the TV industry, not one of those dramas about snotty rich girls crying over  not having matching shoes with their outfits, or reality shows about tan sluts or overage moms who want to get laid. Haha, sorry.

Horror fans definitely loved AHS, and it has an awesome fanbase. I actually know people whose only reason for watching TV EVER is for this show. It’s THAT good.

So.. what’s it about? Ghost stories told during campfires? Nah, not particularly. It’s kinda more of a drama, which of course contains horror elements.

I won’t focus on the plot, cause I’m not an expert on that, so ha! You have to watch it for yourself, mwahahaha.

I can say, though, that it’s very original. You never know what to expect in each new episode.

But it’s definitely not for everyone; aside from the scares, it features dark undertones such as suicide, depression, even school shootings (Which is exactly why it’s such a hit to guys like me lol i’m just kidding omg but srsly tho). But if you can tolerate issues like these then this is perfect for you.

I admit; I loved this show late. “Late” meaning I only got to watch this by the end of the season when they were airing reruns. Meh, I honestly wasn’t interested at first. . . but then in the horror fandom everyone was talking about it so I watched to see what all the fuss was about. And yeah, definitely saw it.

And Tate and Violet ok i love them

I kinda regret watching this late, so when I found out there was a season two, I was psyched. It doesn’t follow the first season’s plot, and is entirely different. But some actors are still cast, although not as their previous roles.

Okay I won’t make this any longer, here are the teasers for the second season (entitled Asylum).

This better be good, Ryan Murphy. Don’t make bad decisions here please.


3 responses to “American Horror Story: Season 2 Teasers (plus me and my rants sorry)

    i don’t do ships much but this in particular is man oh man
    i think the next one is set in a hospital or asylum or something
    god i am psyched man

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